Hide-A-Hose: An Efficient Retractable Hose System

Hide-A-Hose: An Efficient Retractable Hose System

If you have already have a central vacuum system in your home, then you are well aware of the many benefits of this powerful and efficient cleaning system. So much more lightweight and convenient than hauling around a traditional heavy vacuum cleaner, with a central vacuum system, you just plug the hose into the inlet of the wall and start vacuuming! Today however, there are even more options to make your central vacuum system even more convenient.

The Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system is an even more efficient option for your central vacuum system. A Hide-A-Hose solves the problem of carrying and storing your central vacuum hose. With the Hide-A-Hose system, the vacuum hoses are stored within the walls and piping of the vacuum system. No more carrying, coiling and storing a bulky hose again. You simply pull the amount of hose that you need from the inlet and begin vacuuming. When you are finished vacuuming, the suction from the central vacuum power unit retracts the hose back into the PVC tubing installed within the walls of the home.  No more need for storage or dragging the hose from room to room or up and down stairs.

The hose lengths are customized for each room according to the size of the floor. Each inlet can cover up to 2,300 square feet. This new feature has made an already convenient system – even simpler and more convenient.

How It Works

The Hide-A-Hose system uses a SmartTube™ system which hides the tubing (or hoses) within the walls, attic or crawl spaces of your home. Special tubing sweeps allow the retractable hose to travel freely within the tubing. Inlets can be installed within any 2” x 4” wall cavity.  The tubing is connected to a central power unit that is usually placed in the garage, basement or equipment room. Installation is simpler and easier for new construction or retrofitting an existing home.


The Hide-A-Hose system can be installed in new or existing homes or businesses.  If you already have a central vacuum system, you can convert to the hide-a-hose system, but most of the plumbing used by your current system may have to be replaced in order to create adequate storage space for the hoses. A professional installer can assess your home and the work that will be required for installation.

The Hide-A-Hose system is a new and advanced feature of the already efficient central vacuum system.  With this enhancement you can say goodbye to carrying and storing bulky central vacuum hoses; simply pull out the amount of hose you need from the inlet valve, connect your cleaning wand and begin vacuuming. When you are finished, the hose will retract back into the wall.  It doesn’t get much easier that!

If you are interested in the Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system for your home or place of business, contact the experts at Long Island Central Vacuum Repair. They are certified by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association and they offer quality central vacuum system and Hide-A-Hose installations, parts and repair services. For a free consultation and expert information about the Hide-A-Hose system, give them a call at 516-942-0853.